iAS (International Accreditation Society) was established in 1998 as a non-profit making body to provide a facility for organisations to access organisational, professional and personal development programmes linked to independent assessment and awards.

Our aim is to provide an independent standard setting, assessment and award service for those wishing to develop a world class management style.

This includes its work to set standards for the delivery of training and assessment for individuals in the workplace. Typically where no current standards are available or existing standards are inappropriate for the employer. iAS believes that assessment processes must be designed to be as transparent as possible, to ensure credibility for the quality of the training and development of those trained.

iAS provides a facility for organisations to access schemes for organisational, professional and personal development linked to independent iAS awards.


iAS’s objectives are to promote the:

  • Development and use of risk management standards of excellence
  • Identification, correction and improvement of ineffective or unsuitable management objectives and programmes
  • Furtherance of communication, co-operation, commitment and competency
  • Structured continual development of individuals and systems
  • Development of a people value culture


iAS is a globally recognised professional standards development and assurance body. iAS’s role is to support individuals and organisations to identify and achieve global professional risk management standards and practice. iAS, has been supporting professional managers for more than 27 years. iAS generates income through course accreditation/approval, assessment/certification and provision of resources.

Through the services we provide iAS helps organization’s to continuously improve their knowledge, base so that they can play a leading role in making their businesses more profitable, intrinsically safer/healthier and future-proof.

iAS assists organisation’s to design and develop specific training standards were standards are not available or fall short of their requirements and require independent third party quality assurance in design, delivery and assessment.

Our ability to understand managers’ needs was evident from the start in the 1990s when we approved the UK’s first, generic, health and safety audit skills qualification – the Certificate in Safety Programme Auditing (CSPA). This was developed with a professional organisation that had identified a training need for auditors to be able to develop skills to measure health and safety policy effectiveness. Since then we have been at the forefront of risk management training working with other individuals, training providers and standards organisations, such as the BSI, in the development of the iAS OHAS 18001 Lead Auditor course.

iAS works with organisations to develop best practice and, as such, services are designed to align with the steps individual clients need to take to:

  1. understand what is needed
  2. how to achieve it and
  3. ensure that it continues, ongoing.

If you need a risk management training standard that is not available elsewhere and requires third party assurance, then iAS is where the process can start for you. Risk management training standard development and approval through iAS is not complex or expensive. We provide cost effective programmes for all sizes of organisation.